The United Associations of Language Studies

For the harmonious development of linguistic studies
We respect and support the activities of our member societies and strengthen our cooperation

  • Promoting Collaboration and Cooperation
  • Improving Academic Standards
  • Strengthening International Cooperation
  • Disseminating Project Achievements and Advocacy for Policy Recommendations


About Us

The United Associations of Language Studies (UALS) started in April 2010 with 27 member associations of linguistics and applied linguistics. By 2020, UALS had grown to 37 members. Celebrating its 10th Anniversary, UALS hosted a talk in an Open Symposium titled “10 Years of UALS Activities and Future Directions” by Hisashi Noda (Vice Chair of UALS Steering Committee, National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics, in 2020). In all subsequent years, UALS hosted an open symposium, and members’ exchanges at the General Meeting. Throughout the years, an event calendar is published on the UALS website to encourage networking. UALS developed mutual support systems of Kyosan and Kyosai, proposed two advocacies, and published Research Guidelines. Further, the website was renewed in 2020.


UALS hosts an annual event, such as a symposium, designed for a general audience.

The Annual Symposium 2023

February 10, 2024 13:00~16:00
Use of Generative AI in Language Education


Research Institution

  • SCJ