Articles of Association of
The United Associations of Language Studies


Article 1
The name of this association is “The United Associations of Language Studies, (UALS)”.


Article 2
UALS consists of language related academic associations.


Article 3
The purpose of UALS is to facilitate networks with member associations while respecting each association’s autonomy and supporting their activities in order to enhance development of language studies and related academic fields, to foster international collaboration, and to make multifaceted contributions to address social issues.


Article 4
In order to achieve the purposes mentioned above, the following activities will be undertaken:
  1. Promotion of collaboration and cooperation of related academic fields in language studies
  2. Promotion of academic development by collaborating with other academic disciplines
  3. Strengthening international collaboration in the fields of language studies
  4. Dissemination of achievements and suggestions of policies in language related fields
  5. Other necessary and relevant activities to achieve the aforementioned purposes

(Organization and Administration)

Article 5
UALS currently has five executive associations: The Linguistic Society of Japan, The Society for Japanese Linguistics, The English Linguistic Society of Japan, The Society for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language, and The Japan Association for Language Teaching.
Article 6
UALS has a Steering Committee.
Article 7
The Steering Committee consists of five representatives, one from each executive association.
Article 8
The Steering Committee will appoint a Chair. The Chair is one person and he/she represents UALS.
Article 9
The Steering Committee shall decide the turn of the Chair and the Auditors.
Article 10
The Steering Committee shall meet at least once a year to discuss and execute the following activities of UALS:
  1. Policies and planning of UALS activities and events for each year
  2. Planning and finalizing the budget and the fiscal report of the year
  3. Approval of new members’ applications and/or withdrawals
  4. Decision on the amount of the annual membership fee and other fees as well as confirmation of payment
  5. Amendments of the Articles of Association of UALS
  6. Other matters related with the running of UALS
Article 11
Member associations shall receive information from the Steering Committee, and express their opinions as well as make suggestions to the Steering Committee.
Article 12
The office of UALS will be housed in the association’s offices where the Chair is affiliated.

(Membership – application and withdrawal)

Article 13
There is a separate by-law with regard to membership.

(Finance and Auditing)

Article 14
UALS members shall pay a fixed annual membership fee in order to facilitate UALS activities.
Article 15
The fee for the associations of the Steering Committee is fixed, and regular members’ fees are determined by the number of members in each academic association.
Article 16
Other fees may be charged besides membership fees in order to support activities.
Article 17
UALS will appoint Auditors. The two Auditors will be selected from among candidates who are members of the Steering Committee, but who are not UALS Officers. Auditing will take place once a year with the Auditors making a report to the Steering Committee.

(Active Year and Terms)

Article 18
The fiscal year for UALS begins in April and ends the following March. The Chair serves for one year and the Auditors serve for two years. When members leave during his/her term, a replacement will be selected from the same association, and he/she will serve for the remaining duration of the term.


Article 19
Any amendment made to UALS Articles of Association must be approved by the Steering Committee.

Effective on April 1, 2010
Revised on April 24, 2011



Research Institution

  • SCJ